The Restoration of Forgotten Memories...

Jetpacks Was Yes!

"Reaching for a way out of this dream
I waste my breath ascending
Fears lead me astray
The past brings them to be
Whats left to carry me…”

Periphery is probably my source of fuel that gets me through my days now. Their lyrics are just pure amazing. And Scott Sotelo’s voice is so beautiful I could cry. Especially in the song Jetpacks Was Yes!

I usually like bands for their music style. When I first heard Periphery I really liked their music style because it was tech metal. Then I heard their vocals.


28 September 2010


Okay. So today can’t get any worse. Well I’m not sure


TWO: I ordered a shirt. It started to ship last night. And it got sent out I believe. And then the warehouse sends me an email saying that my order was out of stock. But it was another shirt. Do I have 23 dollars in free store credit? I’ll wait a while for my shirt. If it comes in, HELL YEAH FREE CREDIT. If no, I’m going to shoot myself in the foot.

23 September 2010

you pathetic fool

I made the mistake of looking at my old blog. The. memories. are. killing. me.


23 September 2010

one day. we’ll create a better existance.

this can’t be hell. it’s still nice and warm feeling. but it’s fading fast. one day I’m sure it’ll all be okay. but then. should I keep hoping and waiting and be persistent only to be disappointed in the end?

I don’t think I care anymore

23 September 2010

"in a relationship with…." fuck you facebook

Okay so. I guess I like the pain. But. This pain right here. Shouldn’t be here. So what if she’s got someone new. It shouldn’t bother me. Well. It doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is the fact that she doesn’t even say hi in the hall. She’ll text me and talk to me on aim and whatnot. But why not in the hall? Like… come on. You have a new boyfriend now. Just talk to me in person. It’s not like I have any feelings for you left. All I wanted was to be a friend.

But life doesn’t give you shit like that. Ya know?

23 September 2010

Emptiness at 1 AM

I hate nights like this one

I’m awake and I feel so empty                                                          

I honestly sometimes want to go back two years into the past and start everything anew. 2010 has been the worst year I’ve ever had to deal with. It started off with my heart getting torn out my chest, and along the path toward what I am today, I’ve had to deal with remembering the 2 weeks that led to the huge downfall that happened through memories, and even worse, dreams. I still play the songs I played those two weeks. I still feel the pain that I did from that time. I guess I’m not letting those fragments fade away because I like the pain.

Pain makes me remember that things like this can make you want to crawl into a hole and die

Pain makes me realize that I won’t trust anyone like I did back then ever again

21 September 2010

light by periphery

In sunshine’s view
The absence of love
Behold what’s blinding you
Serpent or dove
Between uncertainty
Tethered wings and captive dreams aren’t worth the suffering

Open your eyes
Devotion deprived
Deny the very thing that accepted this life is about
Listen to words
Defy devotion
Sick from the fall behind the wall
I demand of you stand up and see

Before they saw what I was becoming
Before it kept me form reaching…

The light
Can’t seem to understand it
Can’t seem to know
Listen to the vacant soul
The child has lost his way

Suffering the hole
Something against me
I won’t try
Never again
I will not remember
Between the lines I sing with doubt
Behind this will fall

Lost in night and day
Breathing for me
Listen to the way I enter the world
In time this lie will become me

The things I’ve done to forget my dying senses
Weary from this act alone
In vein six days away
Return from the fall

Just find a ray of light to help me ascend
That is the only way

This song gets me through my day. No matter how bad it goes.

21 September 2010

i love my friends xD

dianaz94914 11:34 pm
    yea well that sux for you :-P

    show that you put effort in your drawing? XD
    make it all black and dark….with skulls all over it if you want XD
v1c4r1ou5 11:35 pm
    square wit squiggles and sticks for candles XD
dianaz94914 11:35 pm
v1c4r1ou5 11:35 pm
dianaz94914 11:35 pm
    i take it back
v1c4r1ou5 11:35 pm
    LMFAO <3

20 September 2010

MR. COCKROACH. YOU WERE SO BRAVE! then you met the foot of ap psych…

so today before lunch ended 6th period, I noticed this huge roach crawling into the boys bathroom. I ran to it and directed it into the hall to see what would happen. hell broke loose! :D


people started panicking and stuff

girls screamed and shrieked, especially those two brown girls who were walking and then one looked down and screamed and then they were both jumping up and down XD

I just laughed hysterically

hey people. that thing is like 1/1000 your size. it’s more afraid of you than you’re afraid of it.

poor thing. ms. bales stepped on it and it twitched once and died. rest in peace mr. cockroach

20 September 2010

remembrance is extremely annoying

You know when something from long ago keeps haunting you? Well I keep dealing with that. It’s been what, almost a year already, and I keep having these dreams. Why is my subconscious holding me back? I don’t want to wake up feeling asphyxiated, it’s a big pain in the ass. 

"I’ve cut you out, now set me free"

19 September 2010